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How the Federalists Bullied Rhode Island into Joining the United States

U.S. History


Even after countless threats of embargoes and other forms of aggression from the new imperialist USA, a shift of one vote would have defeated the Constitution in Rhode Island. It truly was a last stand that just barely failed.

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How Botswana Became the World's Fastest-Growing Economy

Global Economy


The risk of government expropriation of private property remained low, and Botswana rejected antiwhite reformist politics which destroyed capital in many other countries in the region. Economic success has been a result. 

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How a Marxist of Twenty-Five Years Became a Misesian Libertarian



In the fall of 2016, I was a left communist. As any Marxist can tell you, ideology can blind one to the insights that might disrupt one’s political adhesions. Only it was Marxist ideology itself that blinded me.

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How Fiat Money Changes Culture

Money and Banks


The creation and enforcement of fiat money enables larger and more centralized government. Large government programs become possible that were not possible or sustainable under a market-chosen, sound money standard. 

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How the Federalists Stacked the Deck to Win Ratification

U.S. History


The Federalists employed all the tricks: from delaying the postal delivery of Antifederalists' pamphlets to waging a propaganda war in the press. The Federalists also did their best to limit suffrage only to groups likely to vote for ratification.  

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How Defamation Suits Are Used to Stifle Free Speech

U.S. History


There is no place in a free society for a government that sues private citizens for defamation. But even between private parties, defamation suits are often used by the powerful to silence others.

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How Marriage Patterns May Have Helped Fuel Europe's Rise to Wealth

World History


Many factors help explain the rise of the West, including both decentralization and the embrace of laissez-faire. But Europe's unusual pattern of family formation is also a likely and important factor. 

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How Facebook Turned Its Market Success into a Culture War on America

U.S. History


Corporate America—from Facebook to Google to Major League Baseball—got rich by giving the consumers what they want. Now these big firms will use their riches to crush their ideological enemies. That's life in a "mixed economy." 

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