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The Economics of the Public Sector

Taxes and SpendingFiscal Theory

3 hours agoAudio/Video
In the real world, it is impossible to separate economic analysis from an understanding the effects of state intervention in the marketplace.
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Renew Your Membership and Receive a Copy of "Social Democracy"

Blog4 hours ago

This year, we’re giving away booklets of Hoppe’s essay “Social Democracy” to all our supporters who give $25 or more.

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Carmen Dorobăț: A Young Scholar on Mises's Legacy and Impact

BiographiesMoney and Banks

4 hours agoAudio/Video
Jeff Deist and Carmen Dorobăț discuss how Ludwig von Mises's work and legacy have paved the way for an entire generation of younger scholars.
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The Atlantic's "Take" on Mainstream and Behavioural Economics

6 hours agoPower & Market

Does the Atlantic Magazine come down on the side of mainstream or behavioral economics?

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Soviet Dissidents and the Weaponization of Psychiatry

SocialismWorld History

Blog6 hours ago

Sadly, the practice of branding political opponents as “insane” is not confined to the now-defunct Soviet state.

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French Protestors Fume over Climate Taxes and a Rising Cost of Living

Taxes and Spending

9 hours agoAudio/Video
French protests over a new climate-change-inspired fuel tax highlight high costs imposed on ordinary people by climate-change policies.
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Gun-Free Zones at School: George H.W. Bush’s Questionable Gun Control Legacy

Blog11 hours ago

 Bush’s policies have not made the world safer for democracy, nor the U.S. safer domestically.

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