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State Legislatures Are Finally Limiting Governors' Emergency Powers. But only Some of Them.

U.S. History

Blog3 hours ago

The covid-19 lockdowns have unexpectedly brought into clear view the fact governors wield immense power over the daily lives of Americans. Some state legislatures have moved to limit this power. Better late than never. 

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Critics Claim Bitcoin Is a Threat to the Environment. They're Wrong.

Money and Banking

Blog9 hours ago

Opponents of bitcoin now claim that bitcoin mining causes global warming and is an environmental threat. But the boom-bust cycles caused by central banks and their fiat money are far worse than any carbon footprint bitcoin can produce.

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The Inverted Yield Curve and Recession

Booms and BustsCapital and Interest Theory


Economists have failed to explain the mechanism by which an inverted yield curve signals an impending recession. But the Misesian explanation of the business cycle quite easily explains the pattern we observe in interest rates.

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What Exactly Is Neoliberalism, and Is It a Bad Thing?


In his book-length essay on neoliberalism, Alberto Mingardi provides some much needed clarification and explanation of this concept that has long been one of the Left's favored bogeymen. 

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Biden's Colossal Budget Confirms Trump-Era Mega Spending Will Continue

Taxes and Spending


The Dems are still claiming that welfare spending withered away during the Trump years. But that's obvious nonsense, and Trump's megaspending slathered trillions of dollars on pretty much everything.

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7 Observations on the Humane Nature of Capitalism



Capitalism isn't just better because it makes us materially better off. Capitalism also helps us forge a more humane and civil society. 

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Robots Won't Destroy Us: How Automation Creates Jobs

Labor and WagesCalculation and KnowledgeCapital and Interest TheoryProduction Theory


The goods created by automation—and the labor freed up by it—become inputs for industries downstream.

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The 200th Anniversary of a Great American Demolition of Tyranny


John Taylor's Tyranny Unmasked is one of the best American books on trade by one of the most thoughtful and least appreciated political analysts of the founding era.

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