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EU President Hopes the US Breaks Up into Smaller Pieces

Political Theory

One can only hope Europhiles begin to advocate for the break-up of the American union. I'd suggest they start in California.
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End the State's Monopoly on Policing

Big GovernmentLegal System

When a state possesses a monopoly on the use of force, this doesn't necessarily mean states must also monopolize police services.
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Economic Wisdom From Harvard


And from that rarity, a Republican Harvard economist.
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Europe's War on Tobacco

Corporate WelfareFree MarketsTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory


Europe's tobacco bans have managed to destroy businesses without actually getting people to stop smoking.

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Every Vote Will Not Be Counted

Political Theory


Close elections are decided not by counting votes but by lawsuits and judges. But, we'll then be told it's the will of "the people."

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