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Per Bylund on the Role of the Entrepreneur

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

Hunter Hastings and Per Bylund discuss what entrepreneurs actually do.
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Peter Klein on Means and Ends

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

What goals and objectives are your customers pursuing, and how do they choose the means to achieve those ends? Hunter Hastings interviews Peter Klein.
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Politics: How Something Beats Nothing


Jeff Deist on the state of political life in America.
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Private Education: The Key to Educating the Poor


In the developing world, government schools are notable for corruption, low quality, and few options. Private schools have stepped up to provide services where governments have failed.

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Powell Claims No "Elevated" Risk for US Recession, NY Fed Models Disagree

When asked about future risk, Powell said he did not “feel that the probability of recession is at all elevated.”

02/12/2019Power & Market
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Peter Klein and Nicolai Foss on Managers in Flat Business Structures

Professors Peter Klein and Nicolai Foss explain why managers still matter in this Aeon article.

01/18/2019Power & Market
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