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History and Institutions Matter: The Postslavery Development of Jamaica and Barbados

Economic FreedomPoverty


Why did Barbados postslavery develop a more robust economy than Jamaica even though the people had similar ethnic backgrounds?

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Hoppe: "My Dream Is of a Europe Which Consists of 1,000 Liechtensteins."

Decentralization and SecessionPolitical Theory


Earlier this month, Hans-Hermann Hoppe appeared on German television to discuss "State, War, Europe, Decentralization and Neutrality."

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How the Fed's Tampering with the Policy Rate Affects the Yield Curve

Central BanksThe FedBusiness CyclesCapital and Interest Theory


Thanks to the Fed's monetary gyrations, we are seeing the yield curve acting abnormally. However, one cannot get something from nothing and market forces ultimately will frustrate the Fed's designs.

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How Russia Uses Immigration and Naturalization to Grow State Power

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Moscow has used naturalization and immigration to effect demographic change and encourage conflict between ethnic groups in neighboring states. It has proven to be an effective foreign policy tool.

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How Fully Private, No-Insurance Hospitals Help the Common Man

Bureaucracy and RegulationFree MarketsHealth


The standard line with progressives is that unless government controls medical care, prices will skyrocket. But what if the free market model costs less than government-directed care?

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Heavy Sanctions against Russia Could Usher in a Wider Economic War

Global EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


The sanctions against Russia have the potential to spiral into something much larger. Indeed, many governments are using the current conflict as an opportunity to further push "green energy," rearmament, and other big-spending schemes.

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Hazlitt, Hayek and How the Fed Made Itself into the World’s Biggest Savings & Loan

U.S. History


It is most helpful to think of the Fed and the Treasury as one thing—one combined government-financing operation whose financial statements should be consolidated.

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