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The Feds Are Pushing Pension Funds toward "Socially Responsible Investing"

Financial Markets


Federal regulators are claiming "socially responsible investing" can be just as good as traditional investing in terms of gaining returns for retired workers. But if that's true there's no need for regulations pushing these investments at all.

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The Economics and Ethics of Government Default, Part III

Financial MarketsTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

It's time to default on the national debt. It's the moral thing to do. We often speak of the problems with the effects of the debt. But the debt itself is an abuse and an imposition on taxpayers. 

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The Tyranny of the "Enlightened" Experts



Of course, scientists were never supposed to run our society. The technocrat class cannot possess all of the knowledge necessary to effectively run the lives of 330 million Americans. But that will not stop them from trying. 

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The "Mind Viruses" Creating Social Justice Warriors

Book Reviews


The mental viruses Saad has in mind are to a large extent those that deny that human beings have a biological nature: “Many idea pathogens share one common thread, a deep desire to liberate people from the shackles of reality.”

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The Economic Effects of Pandemics: An Austrian Analysis

Booms and Busts


How do recurrent cycles of boom and recession compare to isolated crises caused by extraordinary phenomena? 

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The Property-Based Social Order Is Being Destroyed by Central Banks

U.S. History


Private property is an institution central to civilization and beneficial human interaction. When central banks distort this institution with easy money, the social effects can be disastrous. 

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The Success of Socialist Newspeak

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureWorld History


The socialists have engineered a semantic revolution in converting the meaning of terms into their opposite.

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Terminate NATO

War and Foreign Policy


Since the USSR unexpectedly collapsed, NATO has been going around poking hornets' nests and finding new enemies hoping to justify its existence. It's time to shut the whole thing down. 

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