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Student Loans: The Continuing Crisis That Is Getting Worse

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareLabor and WagesU.S. History


The student loan program is descending into chaos and the Biden administration is clueless about what to do. Furthermore, the value of a college education continues to fall while college costs increase.

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Seven Reasons to Abandon the Public Health System

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationHealthSocialism


Government-run medical systems are always touted by political elites, who usually take advantage of private care themselves. It is time for everyone else to have access to the same system.

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Sovereign Debt is Eating the World

Financial MarketsWorld HistoryMoney and Banking


Sovereign debt is eating the world. Lining up a financial crash that could make 2008 look like a picnic. How did we get here?

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Statist Ideology and War: Israel versus Hamas

Big GovernmentThe Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


As this author previously has noted, the ideology of statism is responsible for much of the violence that plagues the world. We see this played out in Israel's aggressive retaliatory attacks in Gaza in response to the October 7 killings by Hamas.

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Statism Is the Cause of the Israel-Hamas War

LibertarianismPoliticsThe Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


This latest Middle East conflict is ultimately little more than gang warfare. We oppose it as a matter of principle.

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Spending More Taxpayer Money on Foreign Policy Boondoggles Has Solved Nothing

Cronyism and CorporatismDemocracyEconomic PolicyWar and Foreign Policy


The US government doesn't just blow money in the US. Indeed, the reach of its wasteful spending spans the globe, and Congress seems incapable of stopping it.

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Stop Trying to "Contain" China in Southeast Asia

Economic PolicyProtectionism and Free TradeWar and Foreign Policy


President Biden is trying to entice Vietnam to enter into an alliance with the USA to try to "contain" China and its Asian ambitions. This will not end well.

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Strikes Always Have Economic Consequences and the Latest UAW Strike Is No Exception

Economic PolicyLabor and WagesSocialismU.S. Economy


The UAW's strike against US automakers will do long-term damage to the domestic auto industry. Unfortunately, unions and their advocates will learn nothing from this debacle.

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