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The Bank of Canada's Failed Mission to "Preserve the Value of Money"

Money and Banks


The Bank of Canada's stated mission is "to preserve the value of money by keeping inflation low and stable." Yet, the BOC works to inflate away the value of Canadians' purchasing power every single day.

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This Professor Hates the Austrian School. But He Clearly Doesn't Know Much about It.

Book Reviews


Larson's principal targets are Friedman and Hayek, but Mises and Rothbard are not spared. For Larson, promarket economists aren't just wrong. They're bad people.

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The US Misery Index Shows How Weak This Recovery Is


This is not a strong economy, it is a disaster waiting to happen as inflation remains elevated. Even the Federal Reserve now admits inflationary pressures are “persistent.”

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The Heroic Draft Dodgers of the American Civil War


Not all of America’s young men of the North bought into the federal propaganda. When the federal government was forced to resort to a military draft, many Americans resisted.

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The Inca Empire: An Indigenous Leviathan State

Property RightsTaxes and SpendingWorld History


So oppressive was the Inca regime that it's no wonder the Spaniards found many enemies willing to help topple the empire.

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The Virginia Elections Showed Some Parents Are Seeing How Bad the Government Schools Really Are



If there’s one political fight worth seeing through, it’s the crusade against government schooling. Many parents in Virginia may have started to see just how important the fight has become.

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The REAL ID Means a Real Leviathan

The Police StateU.S. History


While 9/11 is mainly forgotten, a deafening trumpet announces the presence of other supposed crises, such as covid and climate change. The Leviathan is now excited and encouraged by the possibilities of new rules and new IDs.

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The Oklahoma National Guard Refused the Vax Mandate. The Pentagon Is Not Pleased.

War and Foreign Policy


Combined with the US military’s turn toward “woke” politics, this latest episode around vaccine mandates will further help to undermine support for military institutions among conservatives and Republicans. 

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