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What Happened When These "Neoliberal" European Countries Tried Low Taxes and Low Regulation

Global Economy

Blog5 hours ago

Social democrats love to denounce low-tax, probusiness regimes as "neoliberal" and as places with more poverty. But the reality is that parts of Europe that embraced markets most reduced poverty while making their citizens richer. 

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Why Fungibility Is Important in Understanding Money and Crypto

Money and Banks


One of the most in-demand aspects of physical cash is that it is totally fungible. Every dollar is the same as every dollar. But cryptocurrencies can leave a digital trail which may lead to later problems in fungibility. 

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We Cannot Build an Economy on Lies

U.S. History


American journalists and academics have invented a fairy tale in which "free market orthodoxy" has dominated political thinking in America for the past forty years. This is not even slightly true, but pundits repeat the lie again and again. 

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Washington's Bipartisan Fiscal Folly

World History


Donald Trump—despite adopting a number of economically intelligent policies—was completely unwilling to rein in federal spending. Then things got even worse. 

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What Happens When Governments Force Corporate Boards to Appoint More Women

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Recent legislation in California mandates more women on corporate boards. This is supposed to shift the balance in corporate America in favor of female employees and managers. It doesn't seem to be working. 

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Why Is There No Correlation between Masks, Lockdowns, and Covid Suppression?

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Those who demand government-enforced lockdowns and mask mandates still can't seem to explain why we still can't find a correlation between lockdowns and covid infections or between mask wearing and mask mandates. 

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Why Empowering Organized Labor Will Definitely Not Help the Economy

U.S. History


Contrary to what Krugman might argue, the growth of organized labor in the US workforce was much more the work of government prodding and outright coercion than it was a natural progression of the American workplace.

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Who's to Blame for Normalizing One-Man Rule?

Bureaucracy and RegulationHealthMedia and Culture


Unfortunately, the corporate press and public health officials have determined that unilateral rule by executive decree, unimpeded by any conception of individual freedom, is necessary to respond to the coronavirus.

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