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Canada's Left Is Pushing Some Albertans to See the Benefits of Secession

Decentralization and Secession


The present Trudeau administration has continued straining economic relations with the western provinces. And the government’s tough lockdowns have heightened polarization in Canadian politics,

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Canada's Wait Times for Healthcare Are Huge. Activists Blame Free Markets.



Canada's "private" long-term care homes are anything but private. But the fact a small sliver of the marketplace is allowed to charge fees for services means activists want even more socialized medicine. 

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Consumer Expectations Don't Tell Us Much about the Real State of the Economy

U.S. Economy


In a free, unhampered market economy, individuals’ expectations are likely to correspond to the facts of reality. But we live in an economy where central banks routinely distort market signals and deceive the public. 

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Canadian Healthcare: A Half Century of Broken Promises



The Canadian government promises to make healthcare available to all. Yet Canadians are forced to endure long and deadly wait times for treatment. And it's getting worse. 

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Carl Menger Explains the Nature of Goods

Value and Exchange


Menger's contribution is famous beyond Austrian economics, because it was one of the fundamental works of the subjective value theory and of marginal analysis. 

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Can the Dollar Survive Both Cryptocurrencies and China?

Money and Banks

The outcome of today's currency race is uncertain. The credibility of the leading fiat currencies has suffered substantially. Their instability has fueled crises and weakened growth, so the demand for an alternative store of value is high. 

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Can the Lightning Network Lead to "Hyperbitcoinization"?

BitcoinMoney and Banking


Just as the internet needed web browsers before it could really change the world, Bitcoin needed user-friendly interfaces to grow beyond money and towards being the base layer—the “rails”—for decentralized services built on Bitcoin alone.

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Canada's Alcohol Laws Are Stuck in the Past

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Alcohol sales in Ontario are stuck in a morass of price-fixing and other government controls. 

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