Principles of Ethics: Anthology

BooksAugust 29, 2012
This two-volume treatise by the classic liberal political theorist and philosopher Herbert Spencer has been considered by many to be his most influential work.

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Principles of Ethics: Anthology


Volume one and two in a single file!

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Herbert Spencer's Theory of Causation

Institute Publications
This paper traces Spencer's theory of causation through various disciplines, with special emphasis on Spencer's "scientific" system of ethics — something he regarded as the crowning achievement of his life's work. I shall attempt to explain Spencer rather than criticize...

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Herbert Spencer


Herbert Spencer was one of the leading 19th-century English radical individualists. He began working as a journalist for the laissez-faire magazine The Economist in the 1850s. Much of the rest...

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The Man versus The State

Freedom must also mean freedom from the state. Download the complete audio book.

The Man versus the State

Spencer understands that freedom must also mean freedom from the...

Herbert Spencer Essays on Militarism Available Again

BlogJuly 11, 2005

Herbert Spencer was one of the 19th century's greatest defenders of peace and freedom. I've recently posted some chapters from his book Facts and Comments, published in the penultimate year of his life, on the evils of...

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Herbert Spencer Day

BlogApril 27, 2004

English philosopher Herbert Spencer may have best analyzed the importance of appropriate limits on what should be subject to democracy, particularly in his 1857 "Representative Government—What is it Good For?...

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4. The Market Principle and the Hegemonic Principle

Online Text Page from Power and Market: Government and the Economy, Ch. 7. Conclusion: Economics and Public Policy

Praxeological analysis of comparative politico-economic systems can be starkly summed up in the following table:


The Way to Will Power

BooksFebruary 29, 2008
Hazlitt writes on personal ethics as informed by ancient principles.

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Principles of Economics

BooksJuly 20, 2005
In the beginning, there was Menger . It was this book that reformulated — and really rescued — economic science...

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8. John Stuart Mill, Lysander Spooner and Herbert Spencer

Audio/VideoJune 8, 2007
John Stuart Mill, 1806-1873, was the most famous classical liberal. Herbert Spencer, 1820-1903, was a prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era. Lysander Spooner, 1808-1887, was an American individualist anarchist and abolitionist.

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The New Slavery: Nock on Spencer

Mises DailyOctober 24, 2005
American essayist Albert Jay Nock celebrates the life and work of the great English sociologist and libertarian Herbert Spencer.

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Herbert Spencer as an Anthropologist

Institute Publications
Mention the name of Herbert Spencer to the average person and, if he is familiar with it at all, he is likely to say that Spencer was a political theorist who advocated laissez faire , and might even recall Spencer as a sociologist. But it is unlikely that he would identify Spencer as an...

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The Economics and Ethics of Private Property

BooksJuly 20, 2005
This book collects some of Hoppe's most important essays on the topic of private property...

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Herbert Spencer, Freedom, and Empire

Mises DailyMarch 12, 2014
Spencer asked: “How could the pursuit of trade, which is voluntary, sit well with the practice of militarism?”...

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Economic Principles

BooksMarch 1, 2007
Economic Principles provides a complete and systematic exposition of economic theory based on the Austrian subjective-value approach.

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Principles of Economics: Study Guide

BooksFebruary 8, 2008
A study guide to Menger's Principles of Economics , prepared in 2008 for distribution through

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The Principles of Economics, With Applications to Practical Problems

BooksJuly 20, 2005
Fetter's 1904 treatise constructed a general theory of economics in the Austrian tradition that went unsurpassed until Mises's 1940 treatise, Nationaloekonomie ...

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The Gold Standard: Perspectives in the Austrian School

BooksOctober 29, 2007
The contributors to this notable anthology edited by Lew Rockwell argue for one particular sort of reform: a return to the gold standard.

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The Ethics of Money Production

BooksOctober 22, 2008
This is the first full study of a critically important issue today: the ethics of money production.

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