An Interview with Fritz Machlup

Institute PublicationsJuly 20, 2005
Austrian Economics Newsletter , Vol 3, No. 1, Summer 1980. Fritz Machlup's contributions to economics span a period of over 45 years. Born in 1902 in Wiener Neusstadt, Austria, he published his first book Die Goldkernwahrung (The Gold Exchange Standard) in 1925, the outgrowth of a dissertation...

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The Forgotten Costs of the Patent System

BlogMarch 1, 2005

[To be published without footnotes in IP Law & Business, a trade publication for IP attorneys; this version includes references and links. Note: I assumed here the utilitarian criterion normally used to...

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The Economist on the American Patent System

BlogMay 8, 2011

Below is a letter to the editor I just sent in to The Economist in response to a pro-patent piece. I doubt they will publish it, but here it is.


Your May 5th piece on...

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The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Fritz Machlup's Methodology and The Theory of the Firm

Institute Publications
Fritz Machlup distinguished himself in several main areas, including industrial organization, with particular emphasis on the production and distribution of knowledge, and international monetary economics .

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Fritz Machlup and the Bellagio Group: Solutions to Liquidity, Adjustment and Confidence Problems and Their Opportunity Costs

Institute Publications
Economist Fritz Machlup took a unique goals-assumptions-opportunity costs approach to the examination of alternative monetary reform plans. During the Bellagio Group conferences he,

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An Economic Review of the Patent System

JournalsJuly 20, 2005
Study commission by the Subcommitttee on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights of the Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate, 85th Congress, second session. Washington, D.C., 1958.

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Connell on Machlup

BlogJune 25, 2013

Carol Connell, author of several insightful articles on Fritz Machlup (including "Fritz Machlup's Methodology and The Theory of the Growth of the Firm" in the 2007 QJAE), has a new book, ...

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The Political Economy of Monopoly

BooksOctober 21, 2009
Intended as a textbook, this is Fritz Machlup's sophisticated — yet readily comprehensible — introduction to the subject at hand...

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International Trade and the National Income Multiplier

BooksNovember 8, 2009
Fritz Machlup International Trade and the National Income Multiplier

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Butler Shaffer joins the ePub archive

BlogJune 25, 2010

Newly added to our ePub archive: Butler Shaffer’s Boundaries of Order: Private Property as a Social System.

We have also just added...

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Where did the patent term come from?

BlogApril 4, 2011

Tyler Cowen has an interesting post up, What determined the playing length of an audio CD? Turns out Sony wanted a smaller diameter CD at first, but soon settled on a...

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There's No Such Thing As a Free Patent

Mises DailyMarch 7, 2005
Let us grant that patents encourage innovation; Stephan Kinsella still wants to know: at what cost?

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Mises, Rothbard, and Machlup

BlogMarch 26, 2014
MISES-VE-BİLİMİN-DİYALOĞUPete Boettke has an interesting post arguing...

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Review of Austrian Economics, Full Collection

BooksMay 9, 2012
In 1987, The Review of Austrian Economics was founded and edited by Murray N. Rothbard, and functioned as the premier Austrian School scholarly journal.

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Fritz Machlup

Fritz Machlup


Fritz Machlup (1902–1983) was an Austrian-American economist. He was one of the first economists to examine knowledge as an economic resource.

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The Consumption of Capital in Austria
Machlup presents Austria as a case study in capital consumption and economic decline.
An Economic Review of the Patent System

Study commission by the Subcommitttee on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights of the Committee on the Judiciary, U.S...

Boundaries of Order: Private Property as a Social System

BooksMay 26, 2009
Boundaries of Order provides a completely fresh look at a marvelous intellectual apparatus by a mature intellectual who has been writing on law, economics, and history for four decades.

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History of Crises Under the National Banking System

BooksOctober 13, 2009
The crisis of 1873 was preceded by four years of general economic activity, which was by no means confined to the United States. In agriculture, manufactures, and transportation much real progress was made, but, as subsequent events proved, the pace was more rapid than was consistent with healthy...

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