A Live Blog From Salamanca

Mises DailyOctober 30, 2009
Our talks today were in the Chapter room where Francisco Vitoria taught and the professors of the 15th and 16th centuries gave papers for each other before their public presentations at the university.

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Finally, at long last, you can search the blog and only the blog

BlogFebruary 7, 2008

A blog this huge and old has trouble finding a viable native search. Google helped us with a cool new widget on the sidebar to the right. Try it out and see what you think.

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Welcome to the New Mises Blog!

BlogNovember 18, 2014

Well, it's a new look

The new blog features all the same authors as the old blog, known as "The Circle Bastiat" and the "Mises Economics Blog." 

But now the blog site is fully integrated into and it's easier to make comments...

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Keep Up With the Week's Events on the Blog, Twitter, and Instagram

BlogJuly 18, 2014
We'll be regularly updating you on upcoming talks and events all week during Mises University beginning Sunday evening. See here for the free live video feeds, and the Twitter feed,...

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This Blog Post Is Not Yet Rated

BlogApril 25, 2011

Doug French’s article today critiquing Atlas Shrugged: Part I focuses on the absence of Rand’s second favorite social activity (after excommunicating dissidents):

[T]he movie


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Tom Woods and His Video Blog

BlogJanuary 27, 2011

So wonderful to see Tom embrace this medium.



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Top Blogs/Sites

BlogAugust 18, 2004

Since time is short and there are a practically infinite number of web sites and blogs, it might be interesting to try to see what are the top 5 blogs and top 5 sites visited regularly by

I asked Jeff Tucker for his top 5 (or so), he listed these:...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 18 -- Greg Ransom

BlogJanuary 3, 2008

Hulsmann has written a 1143 page book chock full facts and insights, yet we're dealing with Mises here, a man who probed the fundamentals of his discipline like few before or since. So I feel less awkward pointing to a few things in Mises' book on money that in a longer book (!) might...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 17 -- Greg Ransom

BlogNovember 15, 2007

Reflection — what’s the point of it? Well, it works. But trying to get an economist to do it is like trying to get a child to check his figures — or a bad employee to check his work. A kid thinks, checking my figures just means doing my figures again, so why do that? A bad...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 16 -- Greg Ransom

BlogNovember 14, 2007

I've decided I just don't like Hulsmann's chapter on Mises and money. The problem isn't scholarship, there's enormously impressive scholarship here. The problem for me is that there is a bit too much "cart before the horse" theoretical exposition, often at a very...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 15 — Greg Ransom

BlogNovember 13, 2007

Can we capture the error of “scientism” in a single reminder? Let’s give it a try. Here’s the reminder: the error of “scientism” arises when a scientist practices “explanation” by the elimination or the forgetting of non-eliminable components of...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 13 -- Greg Ransom

BlogOctober 24, 2007

Economics out of a crucible describes the way World War and “war socialism” crystallized the scientific mind of Ludwig Mises. During WWI Mises spend 2 years at the front lines commanding an artillery unit. In 1916 — between front line assignments — Mises spent a further 7...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 12 -- Ransom

BlogOctober 8, 2007

The Verein fur Socialpolitik or Association for Social Policy is a central character in the early chapters of the Hulsmann Mises biography. An important thing intellectual history can do is put contextual substance back into sterile formulations of abstract principles which lack much of...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 11 — Ransom

BlogOctober 3, 2007

How To Learn Economics

If you want to understand how an economy works, forget your mathematical models and your econometric textbooks. People who learn economics that way often can’t explain how an economy actually works. If you want to learn economics try this. Master the...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 10 -- Ransom

BlogSeptember 27, 2007

I’ve always viewed Schumpeter as the bogeyman of economics. Not Keynes. Not Samuelson. Not Frank Knight. More than anyone I’ve blamed Schumpeter for making a positivist approach to economics the de facto “scientific” conception of the discipline and for making Walrasian...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 9 -- Ransom

BlogSeptember 25, 2007

From the beginning of the “marginal” revolution economists have had to take a stand on a very simple problem. They’ve needed to explain how we move from the private and purely logical world of a value relations (marginal utility theory) to the the public and causal world of...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 8 -- Ransom

BlogSeptember 24, 2007

Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and Wieser’s “communist economy” modeled social phenomena as a pure logic constructed by and available to a single mind. Sometimes brilliant mistakes are the very thing which leads to revolutionary advance in social theory. The revolution...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 7 -- Ransom

BlogSeptember 20, 2007

The scholarship in chapter 4 of Hulsmann’s biography of Mises is immense and impressive. I’d encourage Hulsmann to make the core subject here — the place of Mengerian social science in the history of economic thought — the topic of his next book. A lot of the content...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 5 -- Ransom

BlogSeptember 13, 2007

Hulsmann’s impressive research begins to pay off in chapter 3 of his Ludwig Mises biography, which gives us a rich account of Mises university education. The key events here are (1) Mises’ research papers under historical economist Carl Grunberg and “Austrian” economist...

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"Last Knight" Live Blog 4 -- Ransom

BlogSeptember 10, 2007

Let me step back for a moment to talk in a bit more detail about the opening of Hulsmann’s Mises biography. Here are some issues and comments:

– I imagine it must be frustrating to Hulsmann as a biographer that he hasn’t been able to nail down the year of the Mises family...

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