Shawn Ritenour reviews Holcombe's Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics

BlogJanuary 9, 2015
Shawn Ritenour reviews Randall Holcombe's new Austrian econ textbook Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of...

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Why Austrian Economics Matters

BooksAugust 1, 2007
Often regarded as the best single overview of the teachings of the Austrian school, its contribution to the history of ideas, and the political implications of Austrian economic theory.

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1. On the Literature of Liberalism

Online Text Page from Liberalism: In the Classical Tradition, Ch. Appendix

In order to keep this book from becoming overlong, I have had to be brief. I considered myself all the more justified in being so since I have already treated thoroughly all the basic problems of liberalism in a series of comprehensive books and essays.

For the reader who wishes to acquire a more exhaustive understanding of these matters, I append the following compilation of the most important literature.

I. Carl Menger and the Austrian School of Economics

Online Text Chapter from The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics

1. The Beginnings

What is known as the Austrian School of Economics started in 1871 when Carl Menger published a slender volume under the title Grundsätze der Volkswirtschaftslehre.

39. A Dangerous Recommendation for High School Economics

Online Text Page from Economic Freedom and Interventionism, Ch. III. Mises As Critic

It is admitted by everybody that the understanding of the American economy developed in most high schools today is not adequate for effective citizenship. In cognizance of this fact, the Committee for Economic Development, and the American Economic Association, a body that includes in its ranks almost all American teachers of economics, cooperated in entrusting a task force of professors and educational administrators with the study of the problems involved.

The Austrian School of Economics: A History of Its Ideas, Ambassadors, and Institutions

BooksFebruary 24, 2011
A guide to the history, ideas, and institutions of the Austrian School of economics written by two Austrian intellectuals who have gone to the sources themselves to provide a completely new look at the tradition and what it means for the future.

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Economics and Literature: A Tribute and Celebration

Audio/VideoMarch 14, 2010
Presented by Paul A. Cantor at the 2010 Austrian Scholars Conference. Includes the presentation of the annual O.P. Alford Prize in Libertarian Scholarship ($1,000), an introduction by Jeffrey Tucker, and closing remarks by former Mises Institute president Douglas French. The ASC is the...

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Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics

BooksJuly 20, 2005
An intellectual history of Mises's own tradition, with first person accounts of conversations with the greats.

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Why Credit Deflation Is More Likely than Mass Inflation: An Austrian Overview of the Inflation Versus Deflation Debate

JournalsDecember 31, 2010
Abstract: This article provides an Austrian overview of the inflation versus deflation debate which has captured the attention of the economics profession in the years following the US housing bust. Much of the Austrian analysis of this debate has focused on the massive expansion of the Federal...

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4. The Subjective Theory of Value

Online Text Chapter from An Introduction to Austrian Economics

Satisfaction and Valuation

The Future of the Austrian School

Online Text Chapter from Why Austrian Economics Matters

Today, Austrian economics is on the upswing. Mises's works are read and discussed all over Western and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as Latin America and North Asia. But the new interest in America, where the insights of the Austrian School are even more sorely needed, is especially encouraging.

Preface to Literature and the Economics of Liberty

Mises DailyJanuary 15, 2010
"The Austrian School is the most humane form of economics we know, and the most philosophically informed — hence we regard it as the most relevant to humanistic studies."...

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cantor literature and the economics of liberty

Literature and Economic Liberty (Cantor/Cox)

BlogJanuary 19, 2010

Now that we have our warehouse move complete, we can finally announce that appearance of a book I’ve been wildly excited for ever since the project began. It is Literature and Economic Liberty: Spontaneous...

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Literature and the Economics of Liberty: Spontaneous Order in Culture

BooksDecember 4, 2009
In a welcome change of critical perspective, Paul Cantor and Stephen Cox give an economic interpretation of literature from a pro-market point of view, not the standard Marxism take.

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Literature and the Economics of Liberty

With this work, the economic interpretation of literature is no longer dominated by ideas derived from Marxism.

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Literature and the Economics of Liberty - Digital Book

With this work, the economic interpretation of literature is no longer dominated by ideas derived from Marxism.

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