Where Lies This Fault?

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

In this 1967 essay, Leonard Read lays out what might best be termed a sociological study of libertarian activism. Read attempts to identify different types of personalities and individuals who are likely to be amenable or resistant to the message of free markets and liberty. Read then goes on to...

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Chris Shaw


Chris Shaw is a master's-degree student at the University of Warwick, as well as being an independent researcher and political blogger. He describes himself as a libertarian anarchist. His blog...

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Virtual MisesU 2016

Virtual Mises University 2016

Online Course
Virtual Mises University is for anyone, anywhere who is interested in the pursuit of economic truth.

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Did Debt Exist Before Money? It Doesn't Matter

Monetary Theory

We should rewrite our textbook accounts to include the possibility of credit preceding a common medium of exchange and call it inter-temporal barter.

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Are Advertising "Bribes" Unethical?

Media and CulturePolitical TheoryPrivate Property

Blog10 hours ago

If the FTC really cared about the harmful effects of hidden sponsorships and fraudulent goods, it would spend all its time investigating government.

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Britain's Minimum Wage Short-Changes Young Workers

Global EconomyCalculation and KnowledgePrices


In the UK, a national minimum wage was introduced in 1999. Things have been getting worse for young workers ever since.

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NBC's The Blacklist: Why Reddington Is Better than the State

Media and Culture


The Blacklist's Raymond Reddington illustrates how private-sector criminals are often better than the public-sector kind.

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Brazil's Lost Decade: We Must Free Our Economy

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Here in Brazil, free-market ideas have long been ridiculed and ignored, with disastrous results.

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Our Disastrous Monetary System: A New Must-Read Book

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


Blind Robbery!, a new, easy-to-read book on money is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand the damage our easy-money system is doing.

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We Need More Borders and More States

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


As Venezuela shows, living close to an international border can be an important lifeline. This illustrates the benefits of political decentralization.

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Is It The Economy, Stupid?

U.S. Economy

02/01/1995The Free Market
One of the persistent Clintonian themes of the 1994 campaign still endures: if "it's the economy, stupid," then why hasn't President Clinton received the credit among the public for our glorious economic recovery? Hence the Clintonian conclusion that the resounding Democratic...

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How to Really Make America Safe Again

The Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


The greatest threat to American safety is the actions of its own government.

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The Broken Windows Theory of Policing Has Failed

StrategyThe Police StateTaxes and SpendingPrivate Property


It is time to admit that the Broken Windows theory has failed and the answer lies in limiting police powers, not in expanding them.

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Helicopter Money: The Biggest Fed Power Grab Yet

The Fed


Helicopter money is not some kind of new wrinkle in monetary policy. It is an old-as-the-hills way to monetize the public debt.

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Ireland’s Bogus 26% GDP Boost

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending


National income statistics are becoming meaningless, not because of globalization, tax avoidance, or technology, but by their exultation by economists.

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Why We Get More Policing Than We Need: It's "Free"

Legal SystemThe Police StateU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory


Because policing is heavily subsidized by taxpayers, people call the police far more than they would otherwise.

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Too Many Laws: Why Police Encounters Escalate

Legal SystemThe Police StateInterventionism


Many encounters will police escalate to the point of violence because the list of criminal offenses is so long, and the penalties are so draconian.

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The Political Class vs. the Rest of Us

Legal SystemThe Police StateU.S. History


There are two sets of rules that function in America. One set for the political class, and another set for everyone else.

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Delinquency Rates Rising: Is A New Crisis Approaching?

Money and BanksU.S. EconomyMoney and Banking


The delinquency rate is an indicator for "credit stress," but few are paying attention to its sudden rise. Is a new banking crisis imminent?


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Top Ten Most-Read Articles in June

Global EconomyMedia and CultureMoney and BanksInterventionism


Our most popular articles from June.

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