The Mises Institute: The Next 20 Years

Mises DailyOctober 17, 2002
If there is anything to be said for the difficult times in which we live, it is that they are a reminder that our mission is far from complete. The forces of destructionism are always waiting for an opportunity to rob us of the blessings of civilization. Mises believed that the best way to defeat...

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Liberalismo e Anarcocapitalismo: La Scuola Austriaca di Economia

JournalsDecember 9, 2011
Liberalism and Anarcho-Capitalism: The Austrian School of Economics , edited by Dario Antiseri, Enzo Di Nuoscio, and Francesco Di Iorio:

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F A Hayek

Biography of F. A. Hayek (1899-1992)

JournalsAugust 1, 2007
"A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers." F. A. Hayek is undoubtedly the most eminent of the modern Austrian economists. Student of Friedrich von Wieser, protégé and colleague of Ludwig von Mises, and foremost representative of...

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Biography of Wilhelm Röpke (1899-1966): Humane Economist

JournalsAugust 1, 2007
"I champion an economic order ruled by free prices and markets...the only economic order compatible with human freedom." Wilhelm Röpke devoted his scholarly career to combating collectivism in economic, social, and political theory. As a student and proponent of the Austrian School, he...

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Biography of Ludwig Lachmann (1906-1990): Life and Work

JournalsAugust 1, 2007
"The theory of capital lacks a simple dimension for the measurement of its subject matter. To some minds this makes it all the more attractive." Introduction: his life and work Ludwig Lachmann was a very unusual man. If you ever met him you would never forget him. He left a lasting...

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The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

BooksJuly 20, 2005
La Boétie investigates and deconstructs the nature of the state.

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10. Fiat Money and Government Deficits by Amadeus Gabriel

Online Text Page from The Next Generation of Austrian Economics: Essays in Honor of Joseph T. Salerno, Ch. III. Policy

Scholars* of the Austrian tradition are particularly known for their important work in the field of monetary economics. They analyze the dynamics of fiat money and its impact on the real economy.

Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism

BooksSeptember 3, 2007
Hülsmann's sweeping intellectual biography — constructed from original sources — of the 20th century's most astonishing dissident intellectual...

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The Moral Case for the Free Market Economy

BooksJuly 6, 2006
Tibor Machan makes the case for the free market system of economics based on the view of human beings as moral agents with the legal system of a good community as designed to nurture this moral agency.

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The New Despotism

BooksMarch 16, 2010
When the modern political community was being shaped at the end of the 18th century, its founders thought that the consequences of republican or representative institutions in government would be the reduction of political power in individual lives.

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The Return to Laisser Faire

BooksJune 5, 2009
Government means, or should mean, the right ordering of all. Modern government has degenerated into tinkering with the wants or rights or liberties of classes or sections or groups, and it is rare, in these days, to hear a political discussion which takes adequate account of the interests of the...

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How to Keep Our Liberty

BooksJuly 17, 2009
"Individualities may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation." This was a comment by Benjamin Disraeli a century ago when he was beginning the task of building the Conservative Party, a party that still lives a lusty, constructive life...

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The Discovery of Freedom

BooksJuly 10, 2007
This is Lane's non-fiction book; one that had a huge impact on American libertarian thought in the 20th century. In fact, Robert LeFevre called it "one of the most influential books of the 20th century."...

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Die Gemeinwirtschaft

BooksSeptember 4, 2007
Mises's book Socialism might be the bravest and most revolutionary book of the 20th century. Here is the second edition of the German original.

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Economics and the Public Welfare

BooksMay 4, 2010
Here is a contemporaneous account of the economic history of the first half of the 20th century, by an American adherent of the Austrian School.

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Illusions of Point Four by Henry Hazlitt

Illusions of Point Four

BooksMarch 6, 2010
Hazlitt deconstructs President Truman's 20 January 1949 "Point Four" address.

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Studies in Economic Nationalism

BooksJanuary 28, 2010
How did the age of mercantilism become the age of free trade only to revert again in the 20th century? Written during the mid-century period of hyper-nationalism, this book solves that puzzle.

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Essays in European Economic Thought

BooksDecember 18, 2007
In this 1960 volume, Louise Sommer brought together for the first time in English translation some of the most brilliant essays in economics written in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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The De Moneta of Nicholas Oresme and English Mint Documents

BooksFebruary 14, 2009
Nicole Oresme has been called the most brilliant scientist of the 14th century: mathematician, musicologist, physicist, philosopher, and economist. On top of that, he was a Bishop and a theologian. His writings of money bear much in common with Carl Menger. Oresme's treatise on money, De Moneta...

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