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Ryan McMaken

Editor, Mises Wire and The Austrian

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Ryan McMaken (@ryanmcmaken) is a senior editor at the Mises Institute. Send him your article submissions for the Mises Wire and The Austrian, but read article guidelines first. Ryan has degrees in economics and political science from the University of Colorado and was the economist for the Colorado Division of Housing from 2009 to 2014. He is the author of Commie Cowboys: The Bourgeoisie and the Nation-State in the Western Genre.

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Money Supply Growth in April Ballooned to a New High

Money Supply


Fueled by unprecedented quantitative easing, central bank asset purchases, and various stimulus packages, the money supply growth rate ballooned in April to an all-time high.

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The Federal Deficit Is Setting New Records as Spending Explodes


US government debt is spiraling upward, with debt-to-GDP rising to World War II levels. How long can this last?

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How the COVID-19 Lockdowns Will Increase Resentment of the Elderly

Booms and Busts

How do the shutdowns increase ageism? Because millions have arguably been thrown out of work in the name of protecting the elderly. The resulting economic devastation comes at the expense of younger workers, parents, students, and families.
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The School Closures Are a Big Threat to the Power of Public Schools



For many parents, the ongoing closure of public schools will just reinforce growing suspicions that public schools just aren't worth it anymore. Maybe they never were.

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Another 2 Million Americans File Unemployment Claims, Bringing Total to 33 Million

05/14/2020Power & Market
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