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Dr. Ron Paul is a former member of Congress and Distinguished Counselor to the Mises Institute.

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Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ About to Pop?

11/14/2019Power & Market

The Federal Reserve’s bailout operations have increased its balance sheet by over 200 billion dollars since September. Investment advisor Michael Pento describes the Fed’s recent actions as Quantitative Easing (QE) “on steroids.” ...

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Can We Win the Battle for Sound Money?

The Fed

Presented at Jekyll Island, Georgia, in September 1986.
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Impeachment… or CIA Coup?

10/01/2019Power & Market
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Forget the Russians: It’s the Federal Reserve Seeking to Meddle in Our Elections

09/05/2019Power & Market

Last week, the facade of Federal Reserve “independence” was dealt a severe blow. Ironically, the person who broadcast to the world that the Fed is anything but “independent” was ex-New York Fed President Bill Dudley.

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Are Recessions Inevitable?

08/20/2019Power & Market

The trade dispute with China may be the event that pushes the US economy into a major recession or even a depression, but it's not the root cause.

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