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How Big Will These Federal Programs Get? No One Knows.

05/06/2020Power & Market

The Fed continues in panic mode: just throw as much money at the problem as you can, and hope for the best. There is no end in sight.

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The Fed Doesn't Make Grants. But It Makes Federal Giveaway Programs Possible.

04/30/2020Power & Market
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The Paycheck Protection Program: Paying People Not to Work?

04/28/2020Power & Market

The stimulus packages being handed out across this world provide us with an opportunity to document the anticapitalist process as it unfolds in real time, keeping in mind that when these inflation schemes fail, it will likely be blamed on capitalism.

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Is the Main Street Lending Program a Debt Trap?

04/22/2020Power & Market
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Did You Read April’s Beige Book?

04/17/2020Power & Market
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