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Paul-Martin Foss is the founder, President, and Executive Director of the Carl Menger Center for the Study of Money and Banking, a think tank dedicated to educating the American people on the importance of sound money and sound banking.

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Concerned About Job Growth, the Fed Backs Off Raising Rates

The Fed


The FOMC appears to be downbeat about job gains, stating that the "pace of improvement in the labor market has slowed."

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Possible Immediate Effects of the €500 Note’s Abolition

Global EconomyMoney and Banks


The EU's ending of the production of €500 bills changes the equation for how the bills will be valued.

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More Economic Data Leaking to Markets

The FedFinancial Markets


A new ECB white paper has found evidence that many data releases in the US are leaked in advance, benefiting certain special interests.

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Fed Holds Rates Steady

The Fed


We wouldn't expect much market reaction to today's announcement, as it was already expected and should have been priced in.

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Federal Reserve Appointees and Their Campaign Contributions

The Fed


More and more, Fed appointees are dropping their apolitical facade.

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