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Michel Accad, MD, practices cardiology and internal medicine in San Francisco, offering individualized care in a free-market setting. His blog about health care and medicine is He also co-hosts the Accad And Koa Report podcast.

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44. Economic vs. Political Means to Healthcare: A Conversation with Jeff Deist


Economic knowledge should not be the sole province of technical experts, but it is. The price we pay for this ignorance is that most people can easily fall prey to the political class and to the technocrats whose economic theory is generally far from sound.
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43. Doctors and Guns: Where Is the Lane?


Should doctors have something to say about guns? If so, what should they say?
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42. The Tyranny of Metrics: A Historian Weighs In


Bureaucratic appeal to measurement as a check on personal judgment rules the medical field but also permeates our entire culture. Guest Jerry Z. Muller brings a valuable historical perspective to the subject.
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41. Healthcare Policy in the Crosshairs: The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program


Could pushing policy levers on a grand scale conceivably have negative unintended consequences?
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40. Practicing Medicine in Canada: Promises and Realities


What’s the professional life of Canadian doctors really like? Guset Dr. Shawn Whatley informs us about the realities of healthcare in Canada.
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