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Margit von Mises

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Margit Serény von Mises (1890–1993) was an actress from Hamburg, and the wife of Ludwig von Mises. They met in 1925 and married on 6 July 1938. She wrote a memoir, My Years with Ludwig von Mises, of which Rothbard writes: "Margit's greatest achievement in the Mises industry was her wonderful memoir of her life together with Lu, a touching and romantic, as well as dramatic, story, on which she embarked after Lu's death in 1973, and which she published three years later..."

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Ludwig von Mises, The Man

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Margrit von Mises, wife & widow of Ludwig von Mises discusses her life with the great economist.
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Mises the Humanitarian


Special thanks to Bettina Bien Greaves for making this important recording available.
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A Call to Activism


06/01/1984The Free Market
Mrs. Mises delivered this speech on February 27, 1984, at the Mises Institute dinner in her honor in New York City.


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My Years with Ludwig von Mises


Margit was an amazing woman, and this is her moving account of her life with "Lu," from their first days in Vienna to his death in New York in 1973.
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