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Leonard Liggio was a classical liberal author, research professor of law at George Mason University, and executive vice president of the Atlas Network in Fairfax, Virginia, US.

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A Bernard Fall Retrospective

BiographiesWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History

On February 21, 1967, while on patrol with US Marines north of Hue, in South Vietnam, Bernard Fall, distinguished French-born expert on Vietnam and a professor at Howard University, was killed by a land-mine. Left and Right here presents reviews of Fall's last two works, recently...
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Vietnam: Teach-Ins

EducationWar and Foreign Policy

The first teach-in developed at the University of Michigan. It was held on March 24, 1965 in response to the sustained bombing of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam by the US government. This teach-in was organized by the students and faculty at the University of Michigan. Volume 3, Number 2;...
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Isolationism Reconsidered

War and Foreign PolicyInterventionism

Leonard Liggio reviews Isolationism America, 1935-1941 by Manfred Jonas. Like so much recently published scholarship Isolationism America is superficial . For the sake of general reader interest the material has not been treated with the exhaustive...
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Vietnam and the Republicans

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryInterventionism

The advantage of The War in Vietnam (the controversial Republican White Paper Prepared by the staff of the Senate Republican Policy Committee) is that it seeks to understand the realities both of the recent history of the Vietnamese people and of the present political situa tion. Against...
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Palefaces or Redskins: A Profile of Americans

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

John Lukacs indicates that the roots of the Cold War are to be found in the beginnings of World War II. Lukacs analyzes how Pearl Harbor resulted from the policy decisions of particular forces in the governments of Washington and Tokyo. Volume 2, Number 3; Autumn 1966
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