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Laurence M. Vance is an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute, columnist and policy adviser for the Future of Freedom Foundation, and a columnist, blogger, and book reviewer at He is also the author of Gun Control and the Second AmendmentThe War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom, and War, Empire and the Military: Essays on the Follies of War and U.S. Foreign Policy. His newest books are Free Trade or Protectionism? and The Free Society. Visit his website:

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Woodrow Wilson’s Faith in War

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

11/20/2014Mises Daily Articles
Malcolm D. Magee's new book on Woodrow Wilson examines a much-neglected topic: the role of Wilson's religion in his enthusiasm for war and his goal to “conquer, convert, and change the nations.”
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Alexander Campbell, Tolbert Fanning, David Lipscomb: A Nineteenth-Century Anti-War Triumvirate

BiographiesWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History

From the session on "Libertarianism: Intellectual History and Applications," presented at the Austrian Economics Research Conference. Recorded 23 March 2013 at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.
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Lowering Taxes Is the Only Decent Tax Reform

Taxes and SpendingPrivate Property

09/27/2014Mises Daily Articles
Tax credits and deductions deprive the state of revenue, while allowing greater freedom to taypayers. As such, they are good things, while closing “loopholes” or eliminating tax credits is a very bad thing. Making taxes more “efficient” or “fair” only helps governments and hurts taxpayers.
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War, Empire, and the Military

Media and CultureWar and Foreign Policy

Recorded during the Authors' Forum at the 2014 Austrian Economics Research Conference, Laurence Vance discusses his latest book: War, Empire, and the Military: Essays on the Follies of War and U.S. Foreign Policy .
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How To Dismantle the American Empire

War and Foreign PolicyOther Schools of Thought

02/11/2014Mises Daily Articles
Editors note: This selection is from chapter 7 of Laurence Vance’s
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