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Kristoffer Mousten Hansen is a research assistant at the Institute for Economic Policy at Leipzig University. He received his PhD from the University of Angers and is a former Mises Institute research fellow. 

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The Populist Case for the Gold Standard

Monetary PolicyGold StandardOther Schools of Thought

05/28/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Monetary reform leading to a gold standard, which would solve numerous problems resulting from the present fiat money order, needs to become a populist issue to enjoy success.


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The Economics and Ethics of Government Default, Part III

Financial MarketsTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

It's time to default on the national debt. It's the moral thing to do. We often speak of the problems with the effects of the debt. But the debt itself is an abuse and an imposition on taxpayers. 

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The Economics and Ethics of Government Default, Part II

Monetary PolicyTaxes and SpendingPhilosophy and Methodology

03/07/2021Mises Media
The economic analysis of repudiation applies to the debt of all levels of government and to all countries. The central question is not how big the government is or how much it owes, but rather whether the debt is funded by taxes.
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Rothbard's Underappreciated Contributions to Public Goods Analysis

Taxes and SpendingSubjectivismValue and Exchange

03/06/2021Mises Media
The assertion that “tax-financed public goods can make us all better off” is just that: an assertion. As Rothbard showed, there is no reason to just assume consumers would pay for these amenities were they not forced to through taxation.
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Taxation through a Rothbardian Lens

Taxes and SpendingInterventionism

Murray Rothbard was a pioneer in analyzing taxation from an Austrian or causal-realist standpoint. However, he never explicitly engaged the standard theory of deadweight loss from taxation. This article develops the Austrian analysis of taxation further toward this end

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