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Jeffrey Harding is a real estate investor in Santa Barbara, California. He currently writes at An Independent MindHis articles have beencited, republished, or linked to by popular investor sites such as Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha, and Minyanville, as well as media sites such as Huffington Post, Real Clear Politics, Real Clear Markets, Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, The Street, and He has also appeared on Fox Business News and NPR’s Marketplace Money. He currently is an adjunct professor at Santa Barbara City College where he teaches real estate investment. 


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America Doesn’t Need a 5-Year Plan

Global Economy


China is growing despite government meddling in the economy, not because of it. 

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A Note on Campus Totalitarians

03/07/2018Power & Market
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Government Subsidies for Bloggers?

Free MarketsMedia and CultureInterventionism

08/19/2010Mises Daily Articles
Bollinger distrusts market competition and he distrusts you and your ability to make choices about what information you wish to receive. He is a dangerous man.
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