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Gor Mkrtchian

Gor Mkrtchian is a research assistant at the Free Market Institute and a PhD student in the Department of Political Science at Texas Tech University. He received a BA in political science and theater studies from Yale University.

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The Economics of the Extended Family: From Risk Management to Human Capital

Labor and WagesPoverty


Extended families have long functioned to provide alternatives to the state in terms of risk sharing and mutual aid. Other economic benefits include the refinement of human capital and economies of scale.

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How Families Fuel Economic Development

Labor and Wages


Stable families offer better conditions for specialization and economies of scale. This in turn fuels both social and economic development. 

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How Government Policy Reduces Fertility

World History


Government policy now ensures that the benefits of children are socialized, while the cost of raising children remains private. If you wanted to reduce families, you couldn’t think of anything better.

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The Family Fades as Governments Subsidize Daycares and Nursing Homes

EducationMedia and CulturePaternalism


By supplanting the family in caring for the young and the old, not only does the state increase the role it plays in society here and now, it also erodes the competency of the family in the long term. 

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Three Reasons Representative Democracy Doesn't Work

Decentralization and SecessionPolitical Theory

07/23/2020Mises Media
Even if the idea of democracy were a good one, there is a myriad of problems that come with translating the will of the voters into "representation" in political institutions.
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