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Doug French

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Douglas French is former president of the Mises Institute, author of Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Money Supply , and author of Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Ownership Myth. He received his master's degree in economics from UNLV, studying under both Professor Murray Rothbard and Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

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Inflation's Winners and Losers

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and Banks

Presented by Doug French at the Mises Circle in New Orleans, 5 November 2011.

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How to Fix the Housing Crisis

Free MarketsBusiness CyclesInterventionism

11/04/2011Mises Daily Articles
They keep trying and trying with ever-worse results. There is no middle way to solve the housing crisis. The real help for underwater homeowners will only arrive when Fannie, Freddie, and the rest are allowed to fail.

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The Market Stars in Margin Call

Free MarketsMedia and Culture

10/31/2011Mises Daily Articles
The movie depicts individuals grappling with the unwinding of a bubble and the inevitable fallout that takes place.

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What's Cost Got to Do with It?

Free MarketsPricesValue and Exchange

10/24/2011Mises Daily Articles
Whether it's diamonds and water or hardbacks and e-books, the only cogent explanation for prices comes from the Austrians, not the classical economists...

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Austrian Economics Overview

Presented in Vienna, Austria, on 21 September 2011.

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