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Dominick T. Armentano is professor emeritus in economics at the University of Hartford in Connecticut and an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute.

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Microsoft in Wonderland

Big GovernmentLegal SystemMonopoly and Competition

02/07/2005Mises Daily Articles
European antitrust regulators have taken the worst of American antitrust "analysis," argues DT Armentano, and made it even worse.
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Barriers to Entry

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition

09/20/2000Mises Daily Articles
The Microsoft and WorldCom-Sprint cases show the need to distinguish legal from economic barriers.
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King Klein

Big GovernmentLegal SystemMonopoly and Competition

07/24/2000Mises Daily Articles
Clinton's antitrust man calls for the creation of a global antitrust authority. But antitrust is never legitimate, says D.T. Armentano, especially not on a global level.
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A Travesty of Justice

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition

04/05/2000Mises Daily Articles
Judge Jackson's reasoning is fatally flawed, says Dominick T. Armentano. Microsoft has a dominant position in a narrowly defined relevant market, but no meaningful monopoly and no output restricting monopoly power.
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Abolish Jury Duty

Legal SystemPolitical Theory

08/01/1999The Free Market
The most obvious alternative to government-mandated service is to use a free labor market. The government should advertise and recruit appropriate individuals and pay competitive wages. (When I proposed this to a local attorney he looked at me like I was from another planet. Yet, this same attorney...
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