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Dominick T. Armentano is professor emeritus in economics at the University of Hartford in Connecticut and an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute.

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Myths of Anti-trust: Speak Truth to Power

Political Theory

The Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture sponsored by Dr. Don Printz, presented at the Austrian Economics Research Conference. Recorded 22 March 2013 at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Includes an introduction by Joseph T. Salerno.
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In Praise of TV's Pawn Stars

Free MarketsMedia and CultureEntrepreneurship

01/02/2013Mises Daily Articles
History Channel's Pawn Stars is a capitalistic feast for the free market junkie.
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Revealing the Reality of Antitrust

Legal SystemU.S. EconomyInterventionismPolitical Theory

12/15/2010Mises Daily Articles
Antitrust keeps superior products and marketing strategies from harming rivals, but halting such innovation harms consumers. It inhibits superior firms from passing on their efficiencies to consumers in lower prices.
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Anti-Trust and Monopoly

Legal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory

Professor Dominick T. Armentano and Congressman Ron Paul discuss anti-trust and monopoly.
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Economic Outlook 2008: Darkening Clouds

The FedInterventionismPolitical Theory

01/02/2008Mises Daily Articles
The most important signal flashing recession is, of course, the subprime mortgage fiasco.
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