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David Gordon is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was educated at UCLA, where he earned his PhD in intellectual history. He is the author of Resurrecting Marx: The Analytical Marxists on Exploitation, Freedom, and JusticeThe Philosophical Origins of Austrian EconomicsAn Introduction to Economic Reasoning, and Critics of Marx. He is also editor of Secession, State, and Liberty and coeditor of H.B. Acton's Morals of Markets and Other Essays.

Dr. Gordon is the editor of the  Mises Review, and a contributor to such journals as Analysis, the International Philosophic Quarterly, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

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Lord Acton on Slavery and the War between the States

Decentralization and SecessionDemocracyPhilosophy

02/18/2022Friday Philosophy
Acton not only condemns absolute monarchy but unlimited majority rule as well. If anything, majority rule is worse, because it is much harder to resist.
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Knowledge in the Service of a Political Agenda is Biased

Book ReviewsSocialismWorld History

02/15/2022The Austrian
Graeber and Wengrow are right to question stage theories of history, but they pass by in silence the laws of economics that show the necessity of the free market for a complex modern society.
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Socialist Planning and War

PlanningSocialismWar and Foreign Policy

02/11/2022Friday Philosophy
A world of socialist nations would be a world of ceaseless war. Here's why.
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The Great Burt Blumert

02/11/2022Power & Market

Today would have been the ninety-third birthday of Burt Blumert, a great friend and supporter of the Mises Institute and Lew Rockwell.

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What the Next American Civil War May Look Like

U.S. History


Many proponents of forced national unity insist the military can "solve" the problem. But with that method, "you're not solving the insurrection. In fact, you're spreading it. You're guaranteeing more of it."

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