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Dan McLaughlin is a former financial executive and a current columnist for The Post Journal.

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Wooden Nickels and Steel Pennies

Mises DailyJune 18, 2008
Copper and nickel have a high dollar price because the dollar is rapidly losing its value, not because copper is scarce.

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Too Many or Too Few People?

Mises DailySeptember 24, 2007
We do know, however, that free people are better able to adapt and prosper than unfree people, in whatever situation the future holds.

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Farm Bill Follies

Mises DailyAugust 20, 2007
Turning to government for protection and support is stealing money from the pockets of everyone else. Farm programs, including the 2007 Farm Bill, need to be thrown in the dust bin of history, where they belonged eighty years ago.

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Rich Athletes, Poor Teachers

Mises DailyJuly 11, 2007
Scarcity in relation to the level of demand determines value for all things.

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Economic Lessons from the Amish

Mises DailyJune 21, 2007
Economic freedom in fact reduces unemployment to levels significantly below those in less free countries. The Amish may hold the secret to full employment, but rejection of modern capitalism is full employment in poverty and hardship, not the rich fruits of progress.

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