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C.Jay Engel is an entrepreneur who owns several businesses and lives with his wife and three children in northern California. He is an avid reader of the Austro-libertarian literature and a dedicated proponent of private property and sound money. He is the creator and editor of  and its associated new publication Austro Libertarian Magazine.

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June FOMC Announcement: Rate Hike and Balance Sheet Plans

The Fed

06/14/2017Mises Wire
The FOMC concluded their June policy meeting today and announced, among other things, their interest rate decision: another .25% rate hike.
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Draghi Wants More Inflation

Money and Banks

06/08/2017Mises Wire
The ECB's policy statement was meant to communicate that everything was going strong, but not strong enough to slow down the monetary expansion.
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Monetary Tightening as "Excessive Monetary Action?"

The Fed

06/06/2017Mises Wire
Tim Duy pretends that rising interest rates is an example of an excessive Fed, but overlooks the true monetary excesses of monetary expansion.
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Trump Fed Nominees

The Fed

06/02/2017Mises Wire
Trump has chosen nominees for two of the three open Fed board positions: Randal K. Quarles and Marvin Goodfriend.
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Beyond the Failure to Hit 2% Inflation

The Fed

05/31/2017Mises Wire
According to the Fed's preferred measure of rising prices, it has failed to hit it's 2% price inflation target. Enter “flexible price-level targeting.”
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