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  • Chris Calton

Chris Calton

Chris Calton is a Mises University alumnus and an economic historian. He is writer and host of the Historical Controversies podcast.

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The March to America's Civil War

U.S. History

Chris Calton gives a revisionist look at the period leading up to the Civil War.

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The Myth of "Nazi Capitalism"

Political Theory

10/30/2017The Austrian
The National Socialists weren't big fans of free markets.

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America's Prison Population Bomb

Legal SystemThe Police State

Chris Calton explains the legislation and police operations that led to America having the world's largest prison population.

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Government Enforcers and Group Psychology

Sometimes, group psychology among government agents can set the stage for abuse.

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Crack Babies, the Contras, and the CIA

HealthMedia and CultureU.S. History

Chris Calton discusses the war on drugs in the 1980s.

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