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Brittany studied political science with an emphasis in Constitutional studies at Utah Valley University and is currently working toward law school.

The Mises Institute has played an integral role in Brittany’s development both as an academic and as a libertarian. While still an undergrad, Brittany found she was getting more value from her online Mises courses than she was from her actual college coursework. After petitioning her academic adviser, she was able to change the school’s policy and apply her online Mises courses toward her degree.

Brittany worked with the Ron Paul presidential campaign in Iowa, Nevada, and Utah. She is also a Mises University alumna as well as regular contributor to the Mises Wire blog. Above all, she believes that the free market and libertarian principles are the only way to create a truly free society.

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New Overtime Rules Will Make Life Much Harder for Young Workers

The EntrepreneurPolitical Theory


Salaried jobs provide opportunities and flexibility. Government regulators want to take those options away.

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New York Declares War on Homesharing

Legal SystemInterventionismPrivate Property


In New York, hotel industry groups have successfully lobbied to outlaw their competition.

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Latest Regs Show "Consumer Protection" Can Justify Pretty Much Anything

The EntrepreneurPolitical Theory


When new and burgeoning markets find themselves operating in unregulated territories, it does not take long for the state to intervene.

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"Sharing Economy" Reveals that Licensing Laws Are Really About Shutting Down the Competition

U.S. HistoryMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


Alarmed by successful entrepreneurship and low prices for consumers, government seeks, yet again, to shut down small businesses.

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Seeking Affordable Care, Markets Sidestep Obamacare

HealthPolitical Theory


Some medical facilities are opting out of the whole health insurance bureaucracy to make care less expensive.

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