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Adam Young is a freelance Austrolibertarian writer and reviewer. He lives in Canada.

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The Origin of the Income Tax

Big GovernmentLegal SystemTaxes and Spending

09/07/2004Mises Daily Articles
A man's home used to be his castle, writes Adam Young. The income tax, however, gave the government the keys to every door and the sole right to change the locks.
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Robin Hood, Friend of Liberty

Taxes and SpendingWorld HistoryPolitical Theory

04/14/2004Mises Daily Articles
Adam Young says that Robin Hood was a friend of the overtaxed, overregulated, and overgoverned masses.
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The Real Churchill

War and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

02/27/2004Mises Daily Articles
With his lack of principles and scruples, Churchill was involved in one way or another in nearly every disaster that befell the 20th century, writes Adam Young. He helped destroy laissez-faire liberalism, he played a role in the Crash of 1929, he helped start WWI, and by bringing in America to help...
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Organ Donations: Socialism or Laissez-Faire?


01/07/2004Mises Daily Articles
Canadian law, like U.S. law, bans the buying or selling of human organs, but doesn't specifically address donations by complete strangers, writes Adam Young. The transplant monopoly insists living donors be either family or close friends. The result is a massive shortage which results in needless...
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Make Yourself Useful

Legal SystemCapital and Interest TheoryValue and Exchange

06/30/2003Mises Daily Articles
In Portland, the restaurant chain Pizza Schmizza offered to pay homeless people a slice of pizza, soda and a few dollars in exchange for holding a sign for 40 minutes on downtown sidewalks that read: "Pizza Schmizza paid me to hold this sign instead of asking for money." Ralph Nader didn't like it...
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