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Prior to his current position, he was a senior policy analyst at the Reason Foundation. In addition to the Register, Mr. Summers's columns have appeared in publications such as the Wall Street JournalLos Angeles TimesSan Francisco ChronicleSan Diego Union-TribuneAtlanta Journal ConstitutionWashington TimesBaltimore SunContra Costa TimesThe FreemanReason magazine, and many others.

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The Myth of Energy Deregulation

11/07/2005Mises Daily Articles
Politicians and regulators forced a sham of a "deregulation" scheme upon the energy industry in California, writes Adam Summers, and then blamed the free market when it inevitably failed.
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Your Home is Your Cottage

Legal SystemPrivate Property

09/08/2005Mises Daily Articles
"Anti-mansionization" ordinances, writes Adam Summers, hit at a fundamental right that Americans have long taken for granted: the right to build or buy the biggest home you can afford.
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Cross Burnings and Property Rights

Legal SystemMedia and Culture

04/14/2003Mises Daily Articles
The Supreme Court, in its recent cross burning case, simply fails to understand that the First Amendment, and the other amendments that make up the Bill of Rights, is rooted in the protection of private property rights. Ignoring this point leads to absurdities, writes Adam Summers.
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