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For the Piano - MP3 CD


An economist who is also a concert pianist? Yes indeed, and here is the proof. And the pianist is playing what many people consider to be the world's greatest piano, right in the offices of the Mises Institute.

This delightful collection of piano pieces is performed by famed historian of economic thought and
Mises Institute adjunct scholar Robert Ekelund, and recorded Summer 2005 on the Murray N. and JoAnn B. Rothbard Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano, in the Institute's Conservatory.

All proceeds from the sale of this CD will support the upkeep of the Mises Institute’s Bösendorfer Grand Piano.

Audio Tracks on this CD:

1. Ludwig von Beethoven, Sonata Op. 13 (Pathetique), Adagio cantabile [download sample mp3]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sonata in B-flat Major (K315)
2. Allegro [download sample mp3]
3. Andante cantabile [download sample mp3]
4. Allegretto grazioso [download sample mp3]

Edvard Greig, Lyric Pieces
5. Nocturne (Op. 54) [download sample mp3]
6. Wedding Day at Trolhauen (Op. 65) [download sample mp3]

7. Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ten Preludes (Op. 23), Prelude No. 4 (D Major) [download sample mp3]

Claude Debussy, Preludes (Book I)
8. La Cathédrale engloutie, Children's Corner (Coin des Enfants, 1908) [download sample mp3]
9. Golliwogg's Cakewalk [download sample mp3]

10. George Gershwin, Preludes for Piano, Prelude No. 2, Andante con Moto e Poco Rubato [download sample mp3]

This is more than a novelty item. The music displays passion, mastery, and musical eloquence, and it could easily become your favorite.

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