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Gift to My Children, A

Managing one’s finances is a major part of managing one’s life. Jim Rogers, a great investor and famed “adventure capitalist,” has written a treasure: a guide for the young drawn from what his father told him (“work hard, think for yourself, do right by others”) and what he has learned during his remarkable years.

The result is a wonderful and super engaging book that will teach, inspire, and keep any person on the path toward prosperity, virtue, security, adventure, and freedom. Some of the advice is old wisdom that needs repeating to every generation. Some of the advice pertains to the new world of digital technology and globalization. Some of it addresses the need to survive and thrive in a world of relentless change and political upheaval. Every bit of it contains great wisdom.

Each lesson is illustrated from Rogers’s own life experiences in nearly every country in the world. He shows that there are certain universals of human society: the need for kindness, the imperative of keeping one’s word, the tendency of the masses to think short term, the need for courtesy and generosity, and more.

Especially impressive are the aphorisms at the end of the book that relate directly to practical matters of life.

“Skip going out for drinks with the gang after work every night. You will notice that the boss does not do it, which is one reason that he is the boss.”

“If and when you borrow money, pay it back on time, if not in advance. Good credit is vital.”

“Beware of all politicians everywhere. They excelled at recess when they were in school but have excelled at little since.”

“Always be early for appointments. You will be much more efficient with your time and will make a very good impression since many arrive late--some repeatedly late.”

“Never let yourself become arrogant. Study hard. The more you learn, the more you will realize how little you know -- and armed with this humility, you will never lose sight of the distance that separates self-confidence and self-importance.”

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