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Policy for Commenting on Mises.org

Mises.org is a community of individuals dedicated to Austrian economics, freedom, and peace. Our writers and bloggers generally are academic professionals or economists. Mises Daily articles, Mises Library pages, and Mises Wire posts are intended to provide scholarly, substantive content and commentary. Our goal is to educate and inform in the best traditions of Austrian and libertarian thought.

Accordingly, comments should advance the conversation initiated by an article or post in an intelligent way. Well-reasoned and informative comments improve everyone’s experience and increase the value of mises.org as a resource.

Please respect both authors and other commenters. Disagreement and robust open debate are welcome. Insistence on political correctness is unwelcome. Please keep all comments civil, and remember that Mises.org is an open platform where your comments are visible to all. Do not use profanity or insulting language. Avoid personal attacks and ad hominem arguments.

Links to sites outside the mises.org domain should be provided only when the linked content truly advances or elaborates on the subject matter at hand. Please do not link to personal sites or blogs simply to capture traffic from mises.org.

We reserve the right to moderate and remove comments that violate these policies. Please flag any comments requiring our attention via RWMcMaken@mises.org.

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