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The Mises Curriculum

In 2010 we started Mises Academy, the first — and best — Austrian economics online learning platform in the world. Next we added a broader range of liberty-focused courses to the Academy. Since then we’ve delivered dozens of in-depth, high-caliber live courses to thousands of students around the world.

We have always developed courses with systematic, long-term study in mind, intent on building an archive of courses so integrated and comprehensive that it constitutes a thorough Austro-libertarian curriculum. And we are now making that treasury of truth-teaching available as one amazing resource: The Mises Curriculum.

The 50+ courses in the Mises Curriculum will guide you through Austrian economics, from the action axiom to advanced monetary theory, and through libertarian political philosophy, from the non-aggression principle to advanced libertarian legal theory. Also included are courses on history, philosophy, and even logic.

Course design and lecture delivery are by the soundest thinkers and the top scholars in the Misesian/Rothbardian tradition: Joseph Salerno, Peter Klein, David Gordon, Robert Murphy, Thomas DiLorenzo, and others. You’ll get the real deal: thoroughly praxeological and completely free-market economics, as well as principled, radical, and uncompromising libertarian theory.

For a mere $99/year, you can get full access to all of these courses, including hours of lectures recorded in both video and audio, hyperlinked syllabi of online readings, professor-written quizzes, certificates of completion, and more. Work through whole courses from start to finish, or fill in gaps in your understanding by zeroing in on particular lectures and lessons from multiple courses. Acquire a solid foundation in economics and liberty in the comfort of your home or office.

Included Courses

Economics (26 courses)
Courses for beginners, with David Gordon

Also for beginners, courses by Robert P. Murphy, covering his textbook for high schoolers.

Systematic Overview of Austrian Economics

Complete series of courses covering Murray Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State, with Robert P. Murphy

The Economics of Ludwig von Mises

Courses covering Murray Rothbard’s Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought, with David Gordon

Money and Business Cycles

Economics of the 20th Century, with Robert P. Murphy

Single-Session Webinars

Political Philosophy (13 courses)


Classic Books

History of Political Thought

War and Empire

Advanced Libertarianism

History (11 courses)
19th Century

20th Century

General American History

Philosophy (3 courses)


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