What is the Mises Academy?

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What is the Mises Academy?

Forbes magazine wrote that institutions like the Mises Institute might become the universities of the 21st century. Welcome to the Mises Academy, breaking down barriers between old-style, legacy higher education and real education with a meaning. The Mises Academy is an online learning center for teaching Austrian economics using the most up-to-date technology available to present the wide spectrum of Austrian economics, from economic method, monetary theory, calculation and knowledge, philosophy and methodology to the business cycle of booms and busts.

Through the Mises Academy Austrian economics is taught by top-flight instructors who are experts in their field, as well as being associated scholars of the Mises Institute and steeped in the traditions of Mises and Rothbard.

The Mises Academy is unique. We only teach hard-core Austrian economics, not "markets are best" rhetoric. Each course provides the student with the tools to see through the doublespeak of mainstream slogans and myths, and engage in real understanding, be it markets, history, or praxeology.

The Mises Academy offers courses that fit the layman who is interested in the basics of Austrian economics, as well as those with more advanced learning and economics degrees. Each course is individualized with a lecture or series of lectures, suggested reading materials, and a quiz to test your comprehension.

This is the new way of education, online and relevant, not a general liberal arts education, but real education with relevance to everyday, and with the Mises Academy, a strong foundation in Austrian economics that will last a lifetime.

Enroll today and learn Austrian economics at the Mises Academy.

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