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The Mises Library is an extensive online offering of the literature and media of the Austrian School and libertarian thought. The Mises Institute makes available many thousands of books, thousands of hours of audio and video, along with the full run of rare journals, biographies, and bibliographies of great economists — all for free.

The Mises Institute campus in Auburn houses the Ward and Massey Libraries, a large private collection specializing in the works of the Austrian school of economics and classical liberalism.

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Mises U 2017

The Economics of Bitcoin

Recorded at Mises University 2017.

Mises U 2017

The Division of Labor and Social Order

Recorded at Mises University 2017.

Historical Controversies Podcast

The Milk of the Poppy

In the third episode of the Historical Controversies podcast, Chris Calton looks at the history of opium use around the...


How Rand Paul Can Free Americans from the Fed

If the Senate won't act on Audit the Fed, Senator Paul should change his approach and introduce another piece of...

Chris Calton on Mises Weekends
Mises Weekends

Chris Calton: Historical Controversies

This weekend, we're excited to share the first episode of a new Mises Institute podcast with Chris Calton.

Historical Controversies Podcast

The Attack on Marijuana During the 1930s

How did Americans fall for the government's reefer madness? Listen as Chris Calton explains.

busting myths

Busting Myths About the State and the Libertarian Alternative

A libertarian is someone who is against the use of force against peaceful people in civil society. Government as we...

MisesWeekends with Tom Woods
Mises Weekends

Tom Woods: What I Learned from Murray Rothbard

Tom Woods shares his experiences meeting Murray Rothbard.

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