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Why I Support the Mises Institute — It Is a Beacon of Truth

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09/25/2016Per Bylund

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise
Oklahoma State University

“The Mises Institute has had a profound effect on me personally, philosophically, and professionally. The unapologetic, uncompromising, unwavering commitment to individual freedom and sound economics, and the radicalism that follows from it, is as liberating to the mind and one’s thinking as it is challenging and sometimes even offensive. In a world of median voter positioning even by supposedly principled schools of thought and their proponents, the Mises Institute is a beacon of truth and a reliable fixed point against which one can lean. The Mises Institute is the mast unto which principled libertarians and proponents of sound economics can tie themselves and thereby stay clear of deviating from the course and consider statism and uneconomics.”

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