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The Week in Review: February 13, 2016

Janet Yellen

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02/13/2016Mises Institute

Janet Yellen testified before Congress this week and was forced to admit the obvious: the economy is in trouble and could get worse. While Ms. Yellen indicated the potential to a return to ZIRP, she seemed reluctant to follow the advice of her predecessor and other former Fed officials in embracing negative interest rates as her colleagues in Europe and Japan have done. As anger builds at the arrogance of central bankers, it’s becoming ever clearer that there is no plan for monetary policy to return to “normal.” As Robert Murphy explained at our recent event in Houston, the Fed’s magic trick just won’t work.

At the end of this month, the Mises Institute will be hosting an event celebrating Murray Rothbard in honor of his approaching 90th birthday. Mises Weekends this week features a tribute to Murray by three scholars who knew him as both a friend and mentor: Dr. David Gordon, Dr. Walter Block, and Dr. Joseph Salerno. Recorded this past summer at Mises U, the three share stories from their experiences with Murray and the role he played in shaping their passion for Austrian economics, freedom, and peace.

Murray Rothbard

In case you missed any of them, here are articles from this past week’s Mises Daily  and Mises Wire:

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