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Rampart Journal - Spring 1966

06/05/2009Robert LeFevre

Robert LeFevre The Rampart Journal - Spring 1966


Robert LeFevre

Robert LeFevre (1911–1986) ran the Freedom School and Rampart College, founded in 1957. He had a legendary impact on a whole generation of libertarians. LeFevre's complete audio archives is available in Mises Media.


Rampart College, 1966: The Wisdom of "Hindsight" by Read Bain; On the Importance of Revisionism for Our Time by Murray N. Rothbard; Revisionism: A Key to Peace by Harry Elmer Barnes ; Rising Germanophohia: The Chief Obstacle to Current World War II Revisionism by Michael F. Connors; Revisionism and the Cold War, 1946-1966: Some Comments on Its Origins and Consequences by James J. Martin

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