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Ludwig von Mises, Sociology, and Metatheory

Calculation and KnowledgeHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPraxeology

11/13/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Can sociology be integrated into Mises's epistemological distinction between theory and history? What can sociology accomplish as a historical discipline?
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Family Formation, Fertility, and Failure: A Literature Review on Price Increases and Their Impact on the Family Institution

Media and CultureMoney and Banks

11/06/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Inflation not only debases currency, but damages the family institution, eroding the quantity and quality of marriages while creating distortions in the decision-making processes of those hoping to establish families.
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Are Structural Fluctuations Natural or Policy-Induced? Analyzing Mises's and Schumpeter's Contributions to Business Cycle Theory

Business Cycles

10/29/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
A closer look at differences between Mises's and Schumpeter's economic theories suggests that their fundamental divergences have their origin in methodological and epistemological questions.
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Selected Abstracts from the 2019 Austrian Economics Research Conference

10/03/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This is a collection of abstracts from some of the papers presented at the 2019 Austrian Economics Research Conference held at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.
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Desocialization of Enterprises: Empowering Venezuelans

SocialismPrivate Property

10/03/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
How can state enterprises in Venezuela be desocialized? What would a privatization law look like for Venezuela? The authors describe a proposal to move Venezuela toward free markets.
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Keynes and the Ethics of Socialism

SocialismOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology

10/02/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The previously unexplored evidence presented here confirms that Keynes advocated a consistent form of non-Marxist socialism from no later than 1907 until his death in 1946.
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Libertarianism(s) versus Postmodernism and 'Social Justice' Ideology

Media and CulturePolitical Theory

10/01/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
"Woke capitalism" — referring to companies that engage in corporate activism — tells us a great deal about contemporary corporate capitalism, the political left, and the relationship between the two.
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The Cost of Enlightenment

World HistoryCalculation and Knowledge

10/01/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Reason, equality, separation of church and state, and science and politics freed from religious dogma have characterized the Enlightenment. Have these ideas given us freedom, or cost us freedom?
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Call for Papers: Austrian Entrepreneurship Theory


09/03/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The timing is right for pursuing Austrian themes and further leveraging Austrian theory in entrepreneurship, and extending and elaborating on Austrian entrepreneurship theory.
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Review: Austerity: When It Works and When It Doesn’t

Taxes and Spending

06/27/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Mark Thornton reviews Alesina, Favero, and Giavazzi's book, which argues that austerity plans based on tax increases fare much worse than plans based on reducing expenditures.
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