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On the Impossibility of Intellectual Property


08/05/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Beyond being incompatible with natural rights and detrimental to the dissemination of innovations, the concept of intellectual property is a praxeological impossibility.
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Intra-Firm Coordination through Rule-Following and the Emergence of Hierarchy

Calculation and Knowledge

01/07/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Rule-following and hierarchy, as decision-making and coordination mechanisms, can enrich the Austrian theory of the firm.
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Homogeneity, Heterogeneity, the Supply Curve, and Consumer Theory


04/17/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
What does it mean for two goods to be the "same good"? Wysocki and Block argue that Austrian subjectivism leads to the possibility of perfect economic homogeneity or heterogeneity.
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A Better Red: The Transition from Communism to Coca-Cola in Romania

Big GovernmentWorld History

04/13/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the newly freed former communist states welcomed companies like Coca-Cola, which brought both capital and managerial skill to economies ruined by communism.


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What Austrian Economics Can Teach Historians

War and Foreign PolicyBusiness CyclesHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPhilosophy and Methodology

10/05/2018Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Austrian economics in particular provides the historian with a theoretical apparatus that equips him with the ability to make disembodied statistics tell a coherent and accurate story.


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A Note on Block-Hoppe Debate on Indifference


04/03/2018Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This is a discussion of the debate on indifference within the remit of praxeology, as unfolded between Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Walter Block.
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Mueller and Mises: Integrating the Gift and "Final Distribution" within Praxeology

Calculation and KnowledgeValue and Exchange

08/25/2015Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 18, no. 2 (Summer 2015 ) Symposium: Is There A Missing Element in Economics? ABSTRACT: John Mueller claims that Austrian economics does not have the tools to explain the economy. His major criticism against...
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Legal Polycentrism, the Circularity Problem, and the Regression Theorem of Institutional Development

02/03/2015Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
ABSTRACT : The circularity problem states that before legal polycentrists can employ price theoretic arguments about market competition, they must first show that legal polycentrism is able to instantiate the institutional framework within which property rights are protected and contracts are...
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Review of The Concept of Equilibrium in Different Economic Traditions: A Historical Investigation by Bert Tieben

History of the Austrian School of Economics

11/19/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
In The Concept of Equilibrium in Different Economic Traditions , Bert Tieben offers a full-length, extensive study of the concept of equilibrium that chronicles its four-century evolution from the prehistory of classical economics to the heyday of neoclassical economics and contemporary...


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Ngrams and the Austrian School

Austrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

11/19/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The Google Ngram Viewer is used to highlight some of the ideas, nomenclature, individuals, and events that have come to comprise the Austrian tradition. Key terms and literature are also examined primarily using the English corpus, with occasional examinations using German and French corpus as well...
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