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Planned Economy and Economic Planning: What The People’s Republic of Walmart Got Wrong about the Nature of Economic Planning

Calculation and Knowledge

05/21/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Firms, like other organizations, are unable to substitute the market in coordinating their economic plans. If they ever tried to eliminate the market creating them, they would face the same problems that all planned economies do.
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Discovering Markets

Calculation and KnowledgePrices

05/20/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Winning narratives shape market prices until their victory is confirmed by the facts or they are discredited by facts and replaced by new narratives.
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Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France: Tyranny and Resistance

World History

01/20/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Stephen Halbrook's book documents the efforts of a totalitarian regime to disarm its citizens.
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100 Percent Reserve Banking and the Path to a Single-Country Gold Standard

Gold StandardInterventionismMoney and Banking

12/18/2018Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
A look at the detrimental consequences of fractional reserve banking and outline its abolition before a viable gold standard can be established.
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Review of Andrew Carnegie: An Economic Biography by Samuel Bostaph


01/12/2017Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Carnegie’s talents in developing new markets and technological innovation cannot be ignored, nor his support for tariffs and politicians.
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Review of Patent Trolls: Predatory Litigation and the Smothering of Innovation by William J. Watkins, Jr.

InterventionismMonopoly and Competition

12/03/2015Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Watkins paints a very strong case against trolls, while pointing out some of their supposed benefits.
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Review of Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics by Daniel Stedman Jones

History of the Austrian School of Economics

02/02/2015Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Book Review by Greg Kaza Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics Critics of neoliberalism and its variants including Misesianism have responded to its emergence in two distinct ways: pejoratively,...


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Why Keynesian Concepts Cannot Be Used to Explain Pre-Keynesian Economic Thought: A Reader’s Guide to Classical Economic Theory

11/10/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This note is built around five issues that center on the damage to economic theory caused by Keynes and his General Theory .


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Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and ''Enemies of the State,'' by Stephen P. Halbrook

The Police StateWorld History

08/21/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
How did Hitler do it? There is no shortage of theories or writings related to the rise of the Third Reich and the subsequent Holocaust. Halbrook, however, offers a compelling and important account of the role of gun control in aiding Hitler’s goals of exterminating the Jews and other “enemies of...


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